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Epic Fight is a 2D fighting game in the style of old Street Fighter or Mortal Combat games. The difference is that the characters fighting each other are various lesbian stereotypes commonly seen in mass media (like films, TV series and even video games). 

This game is really a paraphrase on the old fighting games - it’s not trying to achieve anything new regarding video game mechanics but rather to recreate an old, well-known formula and use it as a sort of a parody of itself, thematically-wise. The reason for that is, well; about every single reasonably playable fighting game I’ve seen was at least a little bit sexist. In the oldest fighting games, there was usually a roster of a variety of different types of male characters and then there was "the girl", because there was literally a single female character in the entire game, her gender was her distinguishing quality. And then there are Skullgirls, an indie fighting game with an (almost) entirely female roster; which would be exciting if all of them weren’t ridiculously sexualized. So, we wanted to do something a little different. Even though our game is based on lesbian stereotypes, our ultimate goal was to humanize these stereotypes, our characters.

Sound Design: Jan Macháček (Ancestral vision)


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looks interesting, will give it a try later